General Exterior Inspection

  • Remove trash container from street.
  • Visual inspection of home exterior for anything unusual.
  • Look for signs of unauthorized intrusion, theft, or vandalism. Immediately contact Police.
  • Inspect screened patio enclosures for tears or damage.
  • Inspect windows, screens, or window coverings for signs of damage.
  • Visually inspect exterior walls, trim, and (where possible) roof for damage or deterioration.
  • Check driveway for cracks or settling.
  • Check mailbox for mail, and for vandalism.
  • Note any obvious wasp or bee nests and take appropriate actions.
  • Check front door area for leaflets, phone books, etc.
  • Check for mold growth on external surfaces (walls, doors, roof, etc.). Take appropriate actions per your request.*
  • Check all timer-activated exterior lights for proper operation and bad bulbs; replace with customer supplied items as needed.

Yard and Lawn Inspection

  • Check the condition and overall appearance of landscaping.
  • Check that contracted landscaping services are being performed.
  • Also will look for obvious signs of insect infestation or disease in grass and on plants/shrubs.
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